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Life long Joy through Pets

We can offer your pet:

  1. Treatment that will suit your pet’s condition, circumstances and special needs. 
  2. Vaccinations to protect against contagious diseases. 
  3.  IDEXX in-house blood and urine testing that offers real time comprehensive diagnostic results **NEW**
  4. Puppy Classes that are lots of fun. 
  5. Bird and exotic pet medicine and surgery 
  6. Diagnostic imaging like X-rays and Ultrasound to find out what is happening deep inside, including pregnancy testing.  
  7. Surgery by experienced surgeons to correct the problem. 
  8. Safe anaesthesia with advanced monitoring in place. 
  9. Well equipped hospital to get all the help they need. 
  10. Advice to help with unhealthy behavioral problems. 
  11. Chemotherapy to help deal with nasty cancers
  12. Cat boarding
  13. Weight loss  program


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 7 pm Saturdays: 8 am to 2 pm Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed

294 SOUTH Street, HILTON. Next to the Squash Club. Opposite The Ale House

Phone: 9331 8375


Give us a call today and one of our friendly staff members can assist you with advice or booking a consult.

 Pet owners from all over Fremantle, Hilton, Hamilton Hill, O’Connor, White Gum Valley, Beaconsfield, Willagee, Samson, Coolbellup, Kardinya, Spearwood and Coogee have been coming to Hilton Vet Hospital for more than 30 years to receive exceptional service and care for their pets.

More info

More info
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