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Cat Boarding Hilton Vet Hospital Fremantle

The cat boarding is run by our veterinary staff within our hospital and because we are a veterinary hospital your animal will receive the upmost care and attention.

Cat Boarding at Hilton Vet Hospital Fremantle

What we offer

  • Climate control rooms
  • Interlocking boarding cages with 3 sitting levels
  • Premium veterinary diets or bring your own
  • Vet & vet nurse care
  • Daily exercise and environmental enrichment


If you would like to keep your cat’s diet the same as it is at home then your are welcome to supply food. This can be a good idea if your cat is on a special diet, fussy or sensitive to a change in diet.

Owners are welcome to bring some of their cat’s familiar home comforts with them, such as small toys, blankets or bedding.

Staff are able to administer any ongoing medications to you pet.

Requirements for your cat boarding with us

Cats must have an up to date F4 vaccination.

Your cat must not be suffering from or suspected to be suffering from any infection or contagious disease.

 $15 per night, $34 Sun/Public Holiday

If your cat needs to be medicated it is $25 on weekdays and $44 on Sundays and holidays.

Call us on (08) 9331 8375 or email us to book or to make an enquiry.

Plenty of natural light and controllable heating/cooling.

When we only have a few cats boarding with us we have the ability to open all 3 interlocking cages and allow one big range of freedom for the cat to go through all 3 cages!

View our cat boarding facilities in our gallery below.


Cat Boarding Gallery