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Hilton Vet Hospital Consultation Appointments


At Hilton Vet Hospital in Fremantle we have the following Vet Consultations available:

1. General Vet Consultations, like vaccinations, health checks and blood tests
2. Free Dental Health Checks
3. Free Nurse Optimal Pet Health Consults
4. Free Nurse Weight Management Consult
5. Revisit Consultations at reduced price for follow up examinations

  • Consultations are available during:
  • Weekdays: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Saturdays: 9 am – 2 pm

We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

FREE “Optimum Pet Health” Consultation (valued at $65)
20 Most Essential things you MUST know about your pet.

FREE "Optimum Pet Health" Consultation (valued at $40) 20 Most Essential things you MUST know about your pet.

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FREE Dental Health Check

Free Dental Health Check | Hilton Vet Hospital Fremantle

During this consultation one of our staff members will have a look at your pet’s teeth and give you advice on pet dental care.

We will grade your pet’s dental health as follows:

Healthy mouth Continue with good dental care
Grade I Scale and Polish
Grade II Scale and Polish
Grade III Scale and Polish + Possible extractions
Grade IV Scale and Polish + teeth extractions, pain relief and antibiotics

Book a Free Dental Health Check by calling Hilton Vets on (08) 63810474.

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Free Nurse Weight Management Consultation

Free Nurse Weight Management Consultation | Hilton Vet Hospital Fremantle

During this free consult one of our qualified nurses will weigh and record your pets weight. We will measure the circumference of the abdomen and look at the shape of your pet.

Based on this, recommendations will be made regarding diet and exercise in order to reach your pet’s ideal body weight.

We recommend you bring your pet once a month to be reassessed, to track the progress, and to adjust the diet accordingly.

This is a free service from us to your pet to make sure he or she reach that ideal healthy weight.

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Give us a call today and one of our friendly staff members can assist you with advice or booking a consult.

Pet owners from all over Fremantle, Hilton, Hamilton Hill, O’Connor, White Gum Valley, Beaconsfield, Willagee, Samson, Coolbellup, Kardinya, Spearwood and Coogee have been coming to Hilton Vet Hospital for more than 30 years to receive exceptional service and care for their pets.