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FREE “Optimum Pet Health” Consultation (valued at $65)

Great for New Pet Owners or those who simply want to learn more


20 Most Essential things you MUST know about your pet which you will learn during your free Consultation:

  1. How to care and manage the health of your pet to maximise their their lifespan and quality of life
  2. Why certain supermarket pet food & treats are not good for you pet
  3. How to manage the different stages of your pet’s life
  4. Best Pet Nutrition and Foods for maximum health and longevity
  5. Appropriate activity levels for the pet breed and the right type and options for exercise
  6. Appropriate vaccination schedule for your breed to avoid typical major health problems, risks and big vet bills
  7. What deworming and parasite prevention techniques and products are most important
  8. Why small regular trips to the vet a better than less frequent bigger (and more costly) trips
  9. Which is the best type of pet insurance, and comparison charts so you can choose the right policy
  10. Sterilisation options and timing
  11. Pet training to get the most joy and minimum frustrations from your pet ownership
  12. Grooming advice and recommendations specific to your breed
  13. Pet dental recommendations and regular cleaning regimes that can avoid big dental bills and bad breath
  14. Recommendations for alternative treatments and experiences for your pet (such as hydrotherapy, bathing, dog massage)
  15. How to choose the right vacation care (kennel options) for your pet
  16. Behavioral problems specific to your pet and how to avoid them
  17. How micro-chipping or tagging can ensure that your pet never gets lost and ensures the Pound can identify and return your dog
  18. What are the best pet accessories and pet care products for your breed
  19. Creating a Calender of Pet Care with Hilton Vet Hospital (with diarised follow up so you don’t have to remember)
  20. Pricing Options for various Pet Care Services relevant to this Schedule, and how Pet Insurance can help you cover up to 80% of this

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 Request a FREE “Optimum Pet Health” Consultation (valued at $65)