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Monthly Promotion!

Senior Pet Month – July

Save $20 with Senior Pet Consult 

Winter can be hard on our senior pets; therefore we would like to offer them some VIP treatment during the month of July.

Dogs and cats enter their senior years after 7 years of age. From this age onwards we need to take extra care to make their further years as comfortable and problem free as possible.

The following are potential problem areas that we need to keep an eye on:

  • Joints: keep an eye out for signs of arthritis. Is your pet slow to get up? Limping or slowing down?
  • Kidneys: Is your pet drinking and urinating more than usual?
  • Heart: Any sign of coughing and getting tired quicker?  
  • Hormones: Sudden weight loss or weight gain?
  • Teeth: Can you smell a bad breath or spot tartar on the teeth?
  • Lumps: Any abnormal growths visible?
  • Diabetes. High blood sugar.

We will gladly offer the following to pets over 7 years of age: 

  • $42 Senior Pet consultation and health check to discuss any age related problems.(usual value of $62)
  • Free Show bag
  • Senior pet blood test from $55

Please book an appointment today for your discounted consult.

Senior Pet Blood Tests:

These are screening tests to determine how well the kidneys, liver and blood glucose are doing and we can add a thyroid test and blood counts to it as well.  The blood tests come at big discounts only once a year in July, so take advantage and have your pet tested!

These are big discounts so make use of it and book an appointment during the month of July!

Looking forward to see you :)

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