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Pet X-rays | Radiology

Pet X-rays | Hilton Vets


Pet Radiography

Hilton Vet Hospital makes use of a high quality X-ray machine and a digital processor. This gives us a digital image that allows us much higher functionality than the old standard radiographs.

Radiography is an imaging technique using X-rays to view the internal structure of a pet patient. Radiographs are particularly useful in diagnosing defects in the following body structures:

1. Skeletal system (fractures, abnormal growth, arthritis, cancer)
2. Gastro intestinal system (obstruction, constipation, foreign bodies)
3. Respiratory system (lungs, cancer, obstruction, fluid build-up)
4. Cardio-vascular system (heart problems)
5. Abdominal organs (enlargement, cancer, congestion)
6. Urinary tract (defects in kidneys and bladder)
7. Neurological system (spinal and brain injuries)

Radiographs might be recommended if your pet has been exposed to trauma, or if a defect in any of the above body systems is suspected.

In order to have an X-ray taken we might require your pet to be admitted in hospital for a short while. Many times we require sedation or even general anaesthesia, to keep your pet absolutely still during the procedure. Any movement will cause blurring of the image and this will compromise the diagnostic value of the radiograph.

After the radiograph has been studied by the veterinarian, you will receive a copy as well as an explanation of what was detected on the image. The diagnoses made based on the image will then allow us to work out a treatment plan.

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